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Homebrew Test Automation

Development teams are building their own testing systems using open-source tools and languages rather than using commercial tools. Come to this seminar to learn how you can build your own frameworks for automated system testing. Many open-source testing components are available. We’ll survey the most popular components and feature detailed demonstrations of representative tools. Learn how to select an interface driver, scripting language and test harness suitable for testing your product software. Understand the benefits and pitfalls of using test parsers, remote agents, and test case generators. The seminar includes several case studies that illustrate how other testers and programmers are building home brew test suites.

One-day Seminar. See schedule and details.

Scripting for Testers

Automated testing means programming, but programming doesn’t have to be hard. Learn how to script tests for web-based software in this hands-on workshop. You’ll use an open-source tool kit to explore techniques for automating browser-based testing. By the end of the day, you’ll have written tests for a sample application using various techniques. You bring a laptop (with Windows 2000 or XP) and we’ll provide the software. Participants are welcome—and indeed encouraged—to pair up with a partner.

One-day Tutorial. See schedule and details.

Test Patterns: Automation, Testability, Architecture

Successful testing groups have used a variety of approaches for automating software testing. This seminar surveys and explores approaches that are used today on successful projects. We call these test patterns. Some are popular, others are little known. We’ve collected them from expert automators, context-driven testers and test-infected programmers. The right one for you depends on your staff profile, product architecture and test mission. We include several testability patterns, because they are often key for successful automation. Learn to select an approach customized for the needs and challenges of your project.

One-day Seminar. Details. Contact me regarding availability.

Working Effectively with Developers

As a software tester, your success depends on your ability to work well with developers. That’s because they have information you need, and your work depends upon their schedules. Yet it’s natural for developers to be wary of testers. After all, it’s your job to find the defects in their work. Nonetheless, by being tough but fair, you can maintain your own integrity when delivering the bad news. In this interactive tutorial, Bret Pettichord helps you understand how developers think and how you can motivate them to want to help you. You’ll also explore how testers and developers think differently, and what it takes to build working relationships based on understanding and respect. Learn how you can establish credibility with them, write bug reports developers will want to fix, and what questions to ask – and avoid asking – when inquiring about their work.

One-day Workshop. Contact me for details and availability.

Agile Testing

Learn how testers on teams that are moving to Extreme Programming and other agile development methodologies can contribute to the team. Tight iterations are a challenge for traditional testing methods. This seminar explains the often-confusing terminology used by Extreme Programming and is based on insights from testers who have successfully moved over into the agile world.

One-day Seminar. Contact me for details and availability.

Effective Test Strategy

Effective testing finds unknown bugs caused by coding errors as well as confusion about the purposes the software will be put to. Learn how to design an effective test strategy for your software, based on fault profiles and risk projections. We will survey traditional testing techniques with an eye for determining whether the technique is likely to be effective for your project. You’ll also learn how to effectively communicate the test strategy that you’ve developed.

Two-day Workshop. Contact me for details and availability.

Testability Workshop

Testability is hard to define, but easy to recognize. In this on-site workshop, we’ll review the principles of testability and then assess the testability of your software product. We’ll develop your testing strategy and make concrete recommendations for how your product can be made easier to test.

Two-day Workshop. Contact me for details and availability.

Bug Reporting

Bug reports are a testers most visible work product. How they are written determines how you are perceived by programmers and managers. Learn how to write bug reports that are clear and that are likely to be given full consideration.

Half-day Workshop. Contact me for details and availability.   |   Copyright 2004 Bret Pettichord