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Test Patterns: Automation, Testability, Architecture


A One-day Seminar

Successful testing groups have used a variety of approaches for automating software testing. This seminar surveys and explores approaches that are used today on successful projects. We call these test patterns. Some are popular, others are little known. We’ve collected them from expert automators, context-driven testers and test-infected programmers. The right one for you depends on your staff profile, product architecture and test mission. We include several testability patterns, because they are often key for successful automation. Learn to select an approach customized for the needs and challenges of your project.

Seminar Highlights

  • Learn the benefits and risks of developing user interface abstraction libraries.
  • Understand when to use data-driven, keyword-based, or model-based approaches.
  • Learn about options for automating non-user interfaces.
  • Learn how focusing on test evaluation can enable high-volume test creation.
  • Develop guidelines for when adding testability support to your product is warranted.

Who Should Attend

This intermediate-level seminar is for test automators, managers, test tool developers and anyone who wants to understand effective test automation. Students with some experience with test automation tend to get the most benefit.


This seminar is available in one-day or two-day formats.

In the one-day format, it focuses on lecture with a few short activities. It is a full eight hours of material.

The two-day format covers the same lecture material, although in somewhat more detail. It also provides time for in-class exercises and a chance for students to develop plans for which approaches might be most suitable for their projects. The exercises are paper-based and do not require any special equipment.


We currently have not no public offerings of this seminar. Please contact us regarding bringing it to your company or region.   |   Copyright 2004 Bret Pettichord