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Scripting for Testers


A One-day Tutorial

Automated testing means programming, but programming doesn’t have to be hard. Learn how to script tests for web-based software in this hands-on workshop. You’ll use an open-source tool kit to explore techniques for automating browser-based testing. By the end of the day, you’ll have written tests for a sample application using various techniques. You bring a laptop (with Windows 2000 or XP) and we’ll provide the software. Participants are welcome—and indeed encouraged—to pair up with a partner.

What Kind of Scripting?

We’ll show you how to use the Ruby scripting language and the “Web Testing with Ruby” tool kit. Ruby is an easy-to-learn language that can be used for many other kinds of testing and programming as well. We’ll also explain how the same automation techniques can be used with other popular programming languages.

Tutorial Highlights

  • Write automated functional tests for a web application.
  • Understand why you need to define a base state for your functional tests, and learn how to do it.
  • Learn how to run the same tests normally, in a foreground diagnostic mode (that allows you to verify it’s testing what you intend) and in a background mode (that allows you to use your computer while tests are running).
  • Understand the pros and cons of different approaches for automating web applications.

Who Should Attend

Software testers, programmers, managers and anyone interested in developing their automated testing skills.


Tutorial participants should already have learned to program in at least one language and understand basic programming concepts such as variables and if-then statements.


This tutorial has an experiential format. The instructor demonstrates a technique, and then give you an opportunity to practice the technique. Theoretical explanations are generally given only after you have demonstrated basic understanding of the technique.

Because of the hands-on format, enrollment is limited to 12 participants; 24 when a teaching assistant is available.

We strongly encourage you to install the class software before you come to class. Full details on equipment requirements and software installation.

Scheduled Public Classes

Beaverton, Oregon   May 10, 2004   PNSQC Spring Workshops   Register Now
Belleview, Washington   May 11, 2004   PNSQC Spring Workshops   Register Now
Orlando, Florida   May 17, 2004   STAR East   Register Now
Austin, Texas   June 7, 2004   Pettichord Consulting LLC   Register Now
Calgary, Alberta   August 15-18, 2004   XP/Agile Universe   Register Now   |   Copyright 2004 Bret Pettichord