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Homebrew Test Automation


A One-day Seminar

Development teams are building their own testing systems using open-source tools and languages rather than using commercial tools. Come to this seminar to learn how you can build your own frameworks for automated system testing. Many open-source testing components are available. We’ll survey the most popular components and feature detailed demonstrations of representative tools. Learn how to select an interface driver, scripting language and test harness suitable for testing your product software. Understand the benefits and pitfalls of using test parsers, remote agents, and test case generators. The seminar includes several case studies that illustrate how other testers and programmers are building home brew test suites.

Why Homebrew Test Automation?

Homebrew automation frameworks often save money. But more importantly, they can prove to be more effective than commercial tools. Homebrew frameworks are customized to the products they test and often use alternate testable interfaces. Because they use full-featured languages, they can easily support rich test description languages, high-volume automation, concurrent scenario testing, and other automated methods that go beyond mere regression testing.

Seminar Highlights

  • View demos of open-source testing tools
  • Learn how to select a scripting language for testing
  • Understand what interface drivers are available for your products
  • Learn how to select and adapt a testing harness
  • Select a test description language most suitable for your testers
  • Learn when to use remote agents and test generators

Who Should Attend

Software testers, programmers, managers and anyone interested in learning more about building custom testing frameworks.


Presented a breadth of material with real life ‘reality’ experiences. Honest presentation of what is really needed to develop a good test environment and the additional ‘fluff’ purchased and not used in commercial test suites. – Pat Dioguardo

Amazing lists of resources! They’re just what I need. – Pat Hyland

Good Seminar. I liked the live demo in IRB. This was a good survey of available tools and techniques. – Paul M. Wirsing

I liked all the links. I liked your comments on what you liked and didn’t like. A wealth of info. – Pamela Perrott




This training features an annotated 100-page handbook with information about leading open-source testing tools. Many are demonstrated in the seminar. Case studies of companies that have successfully used homebrew solutions are also presented. An earlier version of a subset of the material found in the handbook has been published. and is available for review.

Scheduled Public Classes

Austin, Texas   April 30, 2004   Pettichord Consulting LLC   Register Now
Minneapolis, Minnesota   September 9, 2004   TCQAA   Register Now   |   Copyright 2004 Bret Pettichord